Tuesday, November 15, 2005

The Blessed Mother's lip balm

The latest in Christian products: A new line of "Trinity" cosmetics (www.trinitycosmetics.com). With products like "Salt of the Earth" Seasoning Body Wash and "Milk and Honey" Comforting Body Cream, your body will be both clean and biblical.

"The misson of Trinity Cosmetics, Inc. is to use the teachings of the Christian faith to establish the finest cosmetics company in the world." Now just how does that work?

Their "inspiration" page is a bit of a hot: excerpts from Louise Hay and Mother Teresa, followed by a "shiny hair recipe." Yum.

I suppose we Christians are supposed to be "inspired" by this kind of thing, but I fail to see how jumping onto the billion-dollar beauty industry is counter-cultural. On the other hand, if their Christianity is more than label deep--that is, they don't use sweatshop labor, don't pollute the environment, don't test on animals, etc.--then maybe there's something here.

Or maybe I'm just being a grouch. But my beauty dollar is still going to Neutrogena.


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