Tuesday, January 31, 2006

We liberals are so damn dumb ...

Georgetown University is "welcoming" Patrick Reilly, the president of the Cardinal Newman Society and self-appointed savior of Catholic higher education, to give a lecture on whether or not Georgetown University is actually Catholic. At issue: Whether the Vagina Monologues, a play by Eve Ensler, should be performed on Catholic campuses.

It's not that the question of what makes a university Catholic isn't a legitimate one. The issue is that the Newman Society and groups like them focus on two issues: Abortion and sex. Not war and peace. Not economic justice. I'd love to see a Catholic university attacked because its business school doesn't promote Catholic social teaching's approach to capitalism. Believe me, that's not likely to happen any time soon.

And why? Because conservative cultural warriors are so heavily funded that they can buy their way in, even to Georgetown, regardless of the actual merits of their arguments. And all they really care about is abortion and gay marriage.

And that's why liberals are stupid. In our desire to promote "dialogue," we give anyone with a loud enough voice and big enough pocketbook our podium. Believe me, kids, Franciscan University in Steubenville, Ohio, the rightest of right-wing Catholic institutions, will destroy its campus before it lets a liberal Catholic speak on any issue.

But kudos to The Hoya, Georgetown's newspaper, for its insightful editorial on how Georgetown manages to be Jesuit, Catholic, and a real university.


At 12:16 AM, Blogger Kiwi Nomad 2006 said...

I find the preoccupation in certain quarters with abortion and homosexuality quite perplexing.
I am on the fringes of the Church, perhaps even off the edges. But it is some of the people I know who have acted in very Christian ways who keep me in the vague vicinity of Church.
The nun who used to be head of my high school went to Peru for many years and part of what she did was to work with victims of AIDS. We had a class reunion recently, and one of the major topics of conversation was this nun. Everyone respected her. And there were so many stories that came out around the dinner table of various ways she had helped some of us. I knew she had stood by me after I was orphaned. It was amazing to hear of others she had helped in quiet but significant ways.
She would be thought of as 'liberal' by most. But she has lived a life following Jesus with all of her heart and soul.

At 3:35 PM, Blogger Billy Valentine said...

It boggles my mind that you would attack Franciscan as being "the rightest of ring wing" colleges considering that students here put in more volunteer hours towards Catholic social justice principles then probably every other Catholic institution combined.

Have you heard about the carloads of students that go into Pittsburgh every Thursday night to feed the homeless and talk to them for on average, 3 hours? Whether its 100 degrees or 10 degrees, we're out there.

Have you heard about our prison ministry on Sundays, where carloads of students go to evangelize in the prisons? Have you heard about the conversions to Christ that have occurred because of it?

Have you heard of our Students for Solidarity club, which sponsored an event about what's going on in Sudan and later fundraised for it? How about when they brought in a state department official to talk about human trafficking?

You and your liberal Catholic friends are nothing about TALK. You talk about social justice, but you're too good to go out and do it yourself.

We "right-wing nuts" are the ones out there doing it. We don't have to be told.

ALL talk. NO game.

And our pre-occupations with abortion and gay marriage?

Pope John Paul II anyone?

At 6:30 PM, Blogger Tennessee MAC said...

"that students here put in more volunteer hours towards Catholic social justice principles then probably every other Catholic institution combined." -

Bob Jones University has a prison ministry, Muslims have soup kitchens -- these are social justice issues -- Catholics don't have a monopoly on good works, let alone "Conservative" Catholics. Why would you think that someone who is "liberal" is just TALK?

I doubt anyone would call me "liberal" but I have concerns about many "teaching" and I believe that open dialogue is critical and shouldn't be stifled especially in a university environment.

At 12:40 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You don't answer his questions, Tennessee Mac. You just show more reason why you all should be out there too, instead of running your mouths about justice. Talk, talk, talk.

And lots of outright lying too. I've had it with peace & justice liberals. Bags of hot air.


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