Friday, April 28, 2006

And now back to the bedroom

But we're still on the environment: B16 today described an "eclipse of love" that is causing lower birthrates. Now, I understand he's worried about the fact Europeans aren't making babies at "replacement rates," but look around: We human beings are consuming the world, warming the atmosphere, and making life difficult for not only every other species, but also for the 2 billion homo sapiens that are trying to scrape by on $2 a day. I'm not sure further population growth is what we need--unless we intend to develop warp drive and colonize other planets, which I'm up for. Anyone else?

How about we question a basic assumption here: Population growth is not necessarily a good thing. We're asking for big trouble by growing further. Pandemics, ecological devastation, economic disaster, and revolution if we're not careful. (Too many super poor and only a few super rich is bad for peace and quiet.)

Besides, Genesis doesn't say "Fill the earth and consume it." There are surely other ways to develop our capacity for selfless love. Maybe we could start with making some sacrifices for the sake of the rest of God's creation.


At 1:30 PM, Anonymous anr said...

I always detect a bit of, oh, I don't know, would you call it ethnocentrism? culture-centrism? maybe even racism? when a European bemoans the low birth rate among native-born Europeans. Too few Italians being born means that companies will have to hire more Albanians twenty years from now. Too few Germans being born means more demand for Turkish workers twenty years from now. Too few French babies being born means they'll have to hire all those second-generation Algerians, and actually integrate them into the society. Now that would be selfless love.


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