Friday, September 28, 2007

Benny gets a B

From American Catholics in general that is, though not from me. A new poll from the Pew Forum shows Pope Benedict with an 86 percent approval rating among Catholics, though only 38 percent said he was doing a good job on the ecumenical front. Forty-six percent said his efforts were fair or poor, according to Catholic Online. The snarkily-though-cleverly-titled pro-Benedict blog "The Cafeteria Is Closed" has a full breakdown.

If I was asked, I'd give him poor marks on relations so far with Islam; he still hasn't overcome the Regensburg stumble as far as I'm concerned. And I'm not happy with the broad restoration of the Latin liturgy; though I have no huge problem with making it available, I don't think that decision should be left up to individual priests. And the reiteration of Dominus Iesus--with its insistence on the "gravely deficient" situation of other religions and churches--doesn't win points for me either. I am also a little weary of the constant tirades against gay marriage, but that's just me.

More positively, moves to resolve the situation of Chinese Catholics--with their two hierarchies, etc.--seem like positive steps. And relations with the Orthodox are starting to improve again. And I can't fault B16 for his new emphasis on the environment.

So I guess I give the Benedictine administration a solid C, maybe a C-. Anyone want to disagree?



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