Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Papal fashion plate

Pope BXVI is giving new meaning to sanctuary drag this holiday season, trotting out a medieval camauro--think Santa Claus's headgear--to keep his head warm during his Wednesday audience. The fur-lined, red velvet papal bonnet hasn't seen action since the days of John XXIII--if only it came with J23's reforming aggiornamento, too! Unfortunately, the red of the velvet clashed with his scarlet cape--a big clerical fashion no-no.

Plenty will point out the irony of a pope who has condemned homosexuality yet insists on the campiest of get-ups, down to his "delicate red slippers" for indoor wear and red Prada pumps--well, not really pumps, but close, mules maybe--for outside.

But I won't.


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