Friday, January 06, 2006

God to Pat Robertson: "Shut up."

OK, it wasn't God, it was me. But if Pat Robertson can speak for God just because he has a gigantic TV empire, I get to because I have a gigantic mouth and an Internet connection. Really, Pat and I are more similar than I care to admit.

But at least I'm not going around saying God afflicts old men with strokes, as Pat did about Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's recent health problems:

"God considers this land to be his," Robertson said on The 700 Club. "You read the Bible, and he says, `This is my land,' and for any prime minister of Israel who decides he is going to carve it up and give it away, God says, `No, this is mine.'"

Really, Pat, where does he [sic] say that? For a fundamentalist, you play pretty fast and loose with scripture. And besides, doesn't all land belong to God? I think the issue is whether the land in question belongs to the Jewish people. And as usual, Pat's god is pretty petty.

Pat Robertson must think God is pretty inept. If God really didn't want Israel to withdraw from Gaza, wouldn't "he" have given Sharon a stroke before the withdrawal. I mean, we all knew about it nine months before it happened. Surely God watches CNN.

Of course, Pat's comments only reflect what is a continuing right-wing evangelical intervention into Mideast politics by Left Behind Christians. Convinced that Jesus isn't going to return until only Jews inhabit the Holy Land, they've been funneling money like mad to hawkish Israeli political groups and to extremist in Israel who want to rebuild the Temple (after first destroying the Dome of the Rock mosque that currently occupies the Temple mount)--another pre-req for Jesus' glorious comeback. (Incidentally, Jews exit in act 2 of the Left Behind drama, when they all become evangelical Christians. If you're not familiar with the books, please don't read them. They're both inane and insane.) And they've pushed their agenda through the Bush administration, which has both Jews and Christians from the extreme right.

Shame on everyone in this situation. I have no idea how to resolve the political questions that plague Israelis and Palestinians alike. But I do know that promoting further conflict can hardly be God's will for the children of Sarah and Abraham, neither those chosen in the First Covenant nor those of us who believe we've been grafted to the Chosen People through Jesus.


At 3:07 PM, Blogger boinky said...

and a bigger shame to the news media, who are pushing Robertson as speaking for the evangelical right...
because they are ignorant? or because they know he is an A***** who they can use to tar and feather a lot of quiet believers who have nothing to do with this senile old man?

At 1:03 AM, Blogger privateprivate said...

You know with those thoughts you are destined to go straight to hell. Straight to helll. Wait a minute. Can a gay man go straight to hell? Wait, that doesn't make any sense. That's oxymoranic. You are going to gay to hell. LOL.

Seems you've got that 'Blacke-eyed Benny Blues.' Cheers.

At 8:42 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't understand Chris. Who knows what God thinks? Has God appeared and told you or anyone? I think that God has a wonderful sense of humor or at least I hope so or no one goes to Heaven. If we take the Bible on faith then we take everything on faith. So is Faith an insurance policy? I don't have the answeres for Israel or anyone. Pat Robertson is a man who speaks to hear his head roar as do most liberals and conservatives. They are the empty bells.

At 3:40 PM, Anonymous fluffycat said...

Having read and reread chapters 21 and 22 of Genesis it seems that both Isaac and Ishmael received the same blessing from God: that He would make of them great nations. It seems however that the descendants of each son of Abraham cannot agree as to how this blessing is to be carried out. Those who call themselves Christian only agrevate the matter by cursing one side or the other with the wrath of God. God's desire for them (at least in the way I read scripture) is peace and harmony and good will. Our prayer as Christians should be, I believe, for reconciliation not alienation or any form of vindictive words or actions


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