Monday, January 02, 2006

Perservering peacemakers

Despite the fact that four of their members remain kidnapped, Christian Peacemaker Teams is sending another representative to Iraq. Michele Naar-Obed from Duluth, Minnesota is heading to Baghdad on Friday. Right now she's a volunteer at a Catholic Worker House. If you didn't know, it was CPT who first reported the abuse of prisoners at U.S. facilities in Iraq in 2003. So in my book, that makes that patriots as well as first-rate Christians.

How's this for a quote from Michele: "I believe strongly that we have to have an alternative to warmaking as our means of solving conflict." Amen, sister. Please pass that along to your fellow Christians in our government--Democrats and Republicans alike.

And on the you-know-you're-doing-something-right-if front, Rush Limbaugh's now infamous quote about the CPTers is another sign to me that Rush is pretty much always wrong: "Here's why I like [the CPT kidnappings]. I like it any time a bunch of leftist, feel-good handwringers are shown reality." That's right, he said he "likes" it. Whose moral values is this guy defending?

Good luck, Michele. I wish to God I had your guts--and faith.


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