Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Going ballistic on Brokeback

Here's one on the pop culture front: Under pressure from conservative groups, the U.S. bishops office for movie reviews has reclassified Brokeback Mountain--about two cowboys involved in a decades-long homosexual relationship though both are married--from "L" (limited adult audience) to "O" (morally objectionable).

Having seen the movie, which complex to say the least, I can't believe the office caved on this one. The sex in the movie is handled delicately to say the least--the straight sex scenes are more explicit than the gay--and the movie is clearly about the bond between the two men, its limits, and their regrets, as well as the effects of their relationship on their wives and families. Though there are "morally objectionable" themes in the movie--the review never mentions the most gruesome, two hate-related beating deaths, as "morally objectionable," focusing as usual on sex acts as the only "morally objectionable" things in the world--there's no reason it should get an "O."

The real question is why people are so afraid of this movie. Perhaps because they'll be affected by it? That having to deal with a difficult story may force some to rethink the blanket condemnations they issue?

Follow this link to the news story of the "Catholic News Agency" about the reclassification (God knows who is funding this, but it seems to oppose itself to the bishops official "Catholic News Service): Read the comments posted below the story, where you'll find some of the most vicious, uncharitable, and quite frankly un-Catholic comments about gay people, Hollywood, and even the U.S. bishops. Now that's "morally objectionable." If you can't make your point without calling someone a "pervert," you probably don't have a point worth making.

Two words: Grow up.


At 11:18 PM, Blogger Ogilvie said...

Relax. Odds are the Hollywood that ignored 'The Passion of Christ' will give 'Brokeback an Oscar'--perhaps more than one.


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