Monday, May 15, 2006

Military-industrial blasphemy

While everyone is getting all riled about The Da Vinci Code, no one notices the genuine blasphemy right under their nose. Case in point: Residents of southern Utah are protesting the military's plan to test a 700-ton fuel bomb in the Utah desert that will send a 10,000 foot mushroom cloud into the air, kicking up along with it radioactive debris left over from the nuclear tests done there in the 1950s and '60s. (In 1990 Congress passed The Radiation Exposure Compensation Act because of all the radiation-related cancers in the area resulting from the allegedly "safe" testing.)

Where's the blasphemy, you ask? Well, if risking the health of some people to test a gargantuan bomb meant to kill other people at taxpayer expense isn't enough, how 'bout the name of the test itself: "Divine Strake." The military uses such religiously inspired operation titles all the time.

Whatever happened to "War is hell"? The proper name for this travesty is, I think, both biblically inspired and appropriate: "Abomination." Of course, we're too distracted by a silly work of fiction to pay attention to the true perversion of our faith.


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