Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The Pope's in town. Keep it clean.

The Italian news agency ANSA is reporting that sex will be banned from Polish national TV during the pope's coming visit, which begins May 25. That means no ads for condoms--or underwear. (I guess the pope doesn' t wear any.) A commission of Catholic journalists will be monitoring coverage. The ANSA story says that the censors are "determined to avoid anything which might distract viewers' attention and sully coverage of Benedict's" visit.

The prohibitions could make B16 happy in more ways than one: Not only will there be no naughty ads to disturb him (though I doubt he'll have time for TV), Poles may forget their condoms, resulting in a papal baby boom nine months later. Since Benedict's been worried about plummetting birthrates, he could congratulate himself for being an occasion for conception.

We can call them "Bennie babies"!


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