Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Battle of the blogs

Catholic blogging just got more interesting, with the debut in the Richmond, Virginia diocese of two competing blogs on the new bishop, Francis X. DiLorenzo. A Richmond Voice is generally critical of the bishop, while Richmond Catholic rejoices in the diocesan turn to the right since DiLorenzo took over from Walter Sullivan. The latter especially praised the bishop for delivering the diocese from "liturgical wildness"; DiLorenzo was notorious in his former diocese of Honolulu for forbidding hula dancing in the liturgy, which the diocese had previously permitted as a legitimate form of inculturation. (Hula, contrary to popular tourist belief, is not some semi-burlesque activity.)

The story in The Virginian-Pilot goes on to note that most Catholic blogs tend to be conservative, including Open Book by Amy Welborn, whose blog (and other writings I imagine) got her an op-ed spot in the New York Times; unfortunately, CatholictotheLeft wasn't mentioned as the exception that proves the rule. Damn.

So I labor on in obscurity ...


At 4:07 PM, Anonymous anr said...

Patience, grasshopper. Your day will come.


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