Friday, December 23, 2005

Rick jumps back on the HMS Beagle

Stung by intelligent design's defeat in a Pennsylvania courtroom, GOP Sen. Rick Santorum has suddenly withdrawn his support for the Thomas More Law Center, which argued on behalf of ID, saying he was disturbed by the fact that religion motivated members of the ID-promoting school board (!!), reports the Boston Globe.

Boy, I love it when ol' Rick ends up with egg on his face. He is among the nastiest, most uncharitable politicians in the Senate, regularly comparing homosexuality with bestiality while touting his Catholic credentials and boosting the most ideological conservative groups in both church and politics. (Which is why news of him appears on this blog.) Not a nice man.

And now he qualifies as a bona fide flip-flopper.

I can hardly conceal my glee.


At 5:45 AM, Blogger Robert J. Moynihan said...

Santorum thinks he is a rising star while the light is merely the flash in the pan. With Bob Casey, Jr. gearing up to be the Democratic nominee to challenge Santorum next fall, Santorum is in trouble. Casey is the son of the late, former Governor, Bob Casey. Catholic to the Left will recall that Governor Casey, a pro-life Democract was not allowed to speak at the Democratic National Convention. Despite the fact that his topic would not even mention his stand on "choice," the far left which is the sole proprietor, it seems, of FDR's party pull the plug on a Casey speech. It was another stop along the way of the moderate exodus from the Democratic Party. Since Santorum's appeal in PA is that he is pro-life, the pro-life Jr. Casey is in a good position to send Santorum to a new career. The ProConPundit predicts he will have a show on Fox!


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