Saturday, December 24, 2005

So you want to see Jesus?

News of a dispute over competing "Veronica's veils"--the Vatican has one, as does an Italian monastery--begs the question: Who cares? Even if the veil really wiped Jesus' face (the event is not in scripture), even if the image on it is miraculous, even if they're both "true" veils, what difference does that really make?

Don't you think Jesus would prefer we look for his image in one another, in the suffering, in the poor, in the forgotten, instead of in an old piece of silk, however cleverly painted?

It's Christmas: Go read about the little homeless boy whose cradle was a feed box, who had to flee to Egypt as a refugee, who wandered around homeless as a teacher and was eventually executed in an act of state terrorism.

Now let's go look for his face.


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