Friday, March 03, 2006

As if Bishop O'Malley would ever adopt a child

Well, I guess I just needed a little push, so here's one more, and this one really fries me. Catholic Charities of Boston, like many Catholic Charities agencies, places children for adoption, including, on occasion, adoptions involving same-sex couples. They do this based on the mountain of psychological evidence that indicates that same-sex couples are just as likely to provide safe, stable, and loving homes to adoptive children as opposite-sex couples.

In a triumph of ideology over good science, the bishop of Boston "Cardinal-designate" (GAG!) Sean O'Malley has asked Catholic Charities of Boston to no longer place children with same-sex couples. Catholic Charities 42-person board voted unanimously to set aside his recommendation. Seven members have now resigned in protest of the Massachusett's bishops pursuit of legislation that would exempt religious organizations from non-discrimination statutes related to social services. (Remember that Catholic Charities receives public funding.)

Glad to see that our "prolife" and "pro-family" bishops would prefer to leave children in foster care or group homes rather than place them in loving homes. Add to it the fact that a great many of these children are hard to place because they've been removed from abusive situations, have health problems, or are too old and you've got a perfect example of why so many rightly think that Catholics, or at least Catholic bishops, are hypocrites.


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