Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Noah's ark found!

Or at least re-created, at one fifth it's original size. Oh yeah, and it's not made out of gopher wood--that's hard to find nowadays.

Forty-seven-year-old Johan Huibers of the Netherlands is setting sail in his replica of Noah's big boat, along with some barnyard animals, to spread Christianity in his primarily non-religious country. Though he funded the project with bank loans, he hopes that paid admissions--which include a drink and a religious pamphlet--will cover his payments. It's estimated that he needs 100,000 visitors to cover his $1.2 million dollar debt.

"This will speak very much to children," he says, "They'll hear the creak of the wood, smell the smell of the dung." Ah, dung--better than incense for inspiring faith.

Huibers' wife, who, like Noah's, doesn't get a name evidently, wasn't too crazy about the idea, suggesting that Huibers go to Ethiopia and dig wells instead.

"I've been involved in projects there before," he said, "but she understands this is my dream."

That is one understanding woman.


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