Sunday, March 05, 2006

Of course, there are crazy lay people, too

Or lay men, at any rate. Case in point: Sean Forrest, "youth minister and contemporary Catholic musician," who seems to have taken a page from the fundamentalists' book and is asserting that men are the "natural heads" of the household--and women deep down want it that way.

Speaking at a Boston Catholic men's conference, Forrest said, according to the Boston Herald: "The first thing we have to do is get you off the birth control"--presumably so wives can fulfill their divinely mandated duty to serve as incubators--"[then] devise a plan to get them to stay home with the kids." A plan? What, shackles?

Don't get mad yet, Catholic women, this guy really has your interests at heart: "They want that strength and security from you,” Forrest said, drawing a standing ovation at the close of his speech. ‘‘They might resent it at first . . . (but) that is the natural position for a man: to lead your family to Christ.” That is really what you want, right, ladies--divinely mandated patriarchy? And to be beaten when you get too uppity. And, don't worry, I think Forrest knows what you really want. Heh, heh.

Actually, women, you are to blame for this mess anyway, says Forrest, who accused "feminist women in the church” of ‘‘watering down” its teachings, noting that 10 percent of women who hear him speak ‘‘get up in a huff and call me a sexist pig.” Only ten percent? What's disturbing is that not a single man got up and walked out.

‘‘I say [to the women who leave], ‘You’ll be back,’ ” he said. I don't think "pig" really covers it. How 'bout "misogynist." Oh yeah, and he suggests a book for parents on how to "prevent" homosexuality.

Of course, this kind of talk evidently has episcopal approval, since "Cardinal-designate" Sean O'Malley closed the conference by presiding at Mass. Now that's classy.


At 12:40 PM, Anonymous Bill Redmond said...

The Herald chose to focus on Sean Forrest, the least prominent of the four featured speakers. Fr. Raniero Cantalamessa, Dr. Scott Hahn and Fr. John Corapi each had a one hour session in the morning and second one hour session in the afternoon. The day closed with Archbishop Sean presiding over mass. Unfortunately neither Boston newspaper took the Boston Catholic Men’s and Women’s conferences seriously. The two day’s had almost 9000 attendees in total.

I’ll provide one point of contrast to the Hearld’s story. Fr. Cantalamessa’s second talk of the day focused on Ephesians 5. He said that the husband’s call to love his wife is reciprocal; the wife must also love her husband. The wife’s call to be subordinate herself to the husband is reciprocal; the husband must subordinate himself to the wife. That is a small taste of the 2006 conference. Overall it was a very good event.

At 8:41 AM, Anonymous Didymus said...

Typical stuff from a liberal Catholic who still believes what the media prints is true.

Check out the video of his talk if you have the cojones and then comment. You'll probably still disagree with him, but you'll also see how his comments (even the photo, for goodness' sake) were chopped up and put in the processor to meet the paper's agenda, which was, take all the issues liberal Catholics scream about and wrap them in a neat package so we can sell lots of newspapers. Every one of Forrest's comments were preceded by a very fair explanation of what he meant and what the Church teaches. I know you adhere to your own magisterium, so I'll pray that you try to dig deeper into your faith and what the Church (not Sr. Joan Chittister) actually teaches.
God bless.

At 3:09 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sean forrest has been brain washed and is more interested in fame and seeing his name printed then anything else. He is uneducated and as a result is unable to understand or grasp anything beyond his small little world. He never should have been asked to speak at that forum but at least the "real" Sean came out which again is...not very bright.


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