Monday, August 28, 2006

I'm getting a Darwin fish thing for my car

The Guardian is reporting that B16 is convening his annual gathering of former doctoral students, including Schoborn (see last post), to discuss--guess what--creation and evolution. Looks like Coyne's ouster may be more than mere retirement after all. (Though the Guardian also notes that Coyne had asked to be replaced for health reason.)

Creepier still, however, is Papa Ratzi's group--sounds suspiciously like another unelected, unaccountable right-wing think-tank like those plaguing both America and the church today. Think George Weigel and his American Enterprise Institute-type crowd. The last thing I want is Ignatius Press founder Joseph Fessio (Bene-buddy and provost of Ave Maria University) dictating church policy on evolution.

We don't need the pope to deal with the classically American Intelligent Design problem. There's a reason the U.S. bishops have left this thing alone: It's stupid! Schonborn had no business giving his two euro-cents on a U.S. matter--his archdiocese of Vienna is a damn mess as it is. Cardinals are advisors to the pope, not the rest of the world's bishops. It's called subsidiarity, which means local matters are best dealt with on a local level.

So butt out, Christophe!


At 1:01 PM, Blogger RSH said...

Hate to burst your bubble, but there's no conspiracy here. I hike with one of the Vatican astronomers, I've met with Coyne on a number of occassions, and no one - believe me NO ONE - tells this group of Jebbies what to do.They all knew a change was needed because George is old and tired - and he's teaching and still helping with the Vatican astronomy summer school. The replacement guy - I know him well, as well, and they are all on the same page with the ID argument. So if people somehow think putting my dear Fr. Jose in charge will suddenly lead to a change in the Vatican Observatory Research Group (the VORG to their friends :-) ) opinion that ID is "both bad theology and bad science," they are wrong. But then again, leave it to the Gruardian to get it wrong. I was disturbed that some of the other catholic press people quoted the guardian without interviewing George or Jose first about the "controversy." I saw them last week and got it from the horse's mouth. They actually think it is funny that it is being portrayed tabloid style. Come on out to Tucson sometime and I'll introduce you! Renee Schafer Horton
p.s. I'm now guest blogging on - kind of fun!


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