Thursday, January 12, 2006

More on Bishop Tom

Just to give a flavor of Gumbleton: At a Dignity/USA convention in Denver several years ago (Dignity is an advocacy group of GLBT Roman Catholics), Gumbleton, after faithfully repeating the church's teaching on the "objective disorder" of homosexuality, pointed out that the church also teaches the absolute immorality of nuclear weapons, yet provides the U.S. military with a military archdiocese, a bishop, and priests to serve those who produce, service, maintain, and deploy our nuclear arsenal.

The argument given for this discrepancy, he said, is that Catholics can disagree in conscience about the morality of nuclear weapons--with ecclesial approbation, evidently. Yet gay and lesbian Catholics are denounced for doing the same in their personal lives.

So: Nuclear weapons/possible destruction of the world, OK to disagree with church teaching; homosexuality/personal moral decisions about relationships, not OK to disagree.

This is both paraphrase and summary, so you shouldn't quote the good bishop on it, but that was the gist.


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