Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Oh, just let her go to the prom!

Prom season's coming up, so the avalanche of stories about good Catholic boys and girls who want to bring a member of the same sex to their Catholic high school's prom are already hitting the wires--no doubt part of the coordinated assault on the family being launched by the ACLU's Subcommittee on Destroying the Nuclear Family and All Civilization (SDNFAC). Puhleeze.

Buffalo, New York-area Villa Maria High School, an all-girls school closing at the end of the year anyway, has forbidden Laura Murphy from bringing her girlfriend to the prom, despite that fact she was allowed to bring her to the winter semi-formal.

Now, if I remember correctly, girls do most of the dancing at middle and high school dances anyway--horror!--and, since Catholic teaching only forbids same-sex sexual behavior, which I'm sure Laura and her girlfriend were not going to engage in there on the dance floor, I hardly see why the school had to take such draconian (and idiotic) measures.

Oh well. Kudos to Laura for asking--that was gutsy.

Incidentally, Villa Maria is being turned into a senior housing complex, which is a pretty good indication of where Catholicism is going to find itself if it doesn't find a way to speak (and listen to) people like Laura.


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