Friday, April 07, 2006

Throwing the first stone

Once again a Catholic institution has made a mockery out of what it means to be prolife: In the same school year that preschool teacher Michelle McCusker was fired by St. Rose of Lima School in Queens, New York, for becoming pregnant without being married, Robb McCoy has now been fired by Bishop Feehan Catholic High School in North Attleboro, Massachusetts, for being in the same situation, though on the other side of the it-takes-two equation.

Of course, equally ridiculous is that McCoy went to his parish priest to talk about the possibility of marriage. The priest refused because the couples wasn't seeking marriage "for the right reasons." OK ... Even if that was true, is that really up to Father?

And then, the coup de grace, McCoy was fired for violating the Fall Rivers diocese's "celibacy policy" for single teachers. (Aren't all single people "celibate" by definition, that is, unmarried?) Talk about having to take your work home; glad my employee handbook doesn't cover my personal life.

Great, so now we have a new dad, who neither encouraged his girlfriend to have an abortion nor abandoned her, who doesn't have a job because he had sex outside of marriage. Is it prolife to fire people who do the "right" thing? Now, of course, the infant lacks the income her father might have provided her. Once again, being prolife ends up meaning being pro-fetus instead of fully pro-child.

And talk about a teachable moment for the kids at Bishop Feehan: How great would it have been for McCoy to share his story, acknowledge the ramifications of (obviously unprotected) premarital sex, and then serve as an example of someone who takes responsibility? And what an example the school itself could have offered by supporting someone in his situation? Instead, we've pointed out just how hypocritical Christians can be to a group (adolescents) who doesn't need to be reminded how hypocritical adults and their institutions can be.

Let's be honest: If everyone's hidden sins in this matter were to be revealed, there would have to be a lot more firings. And, of course, no one even considers that treating an employee in this way violate Catholic social teaching--you know that "less important" (and ignored because it would actually require something of us) body of teaching about human rights, the needs of families, and just working conditions.

So sorry, Robb, despite what Jesus said, in this church the truth will not make you free. It will only get you fired.


At 12:56 PM, Anonymous anr said...

You know, you hear stories like the first one every once in a while -- but I couldn't have dreamed up the second one in a million years. The priest wouldn't let the teacher marry his pregnant girlfriend because it was for the wrong reasons? And then the diocese fired him for pregnancy outside of marriage? Jesus wept. I doubt the guy can sue -- so I hope the local papers make such a big deal out of this that the priest and the bishop are ashamed to show their faces on the street. Unbelievable.

At 10:34 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I had Mr. McCoy as a teacher, and me and him were pretty good buddies around school and it is quite a sad thing what happened to him. When i found out it was pretty tough on me personally. Although it was in his contract or whatever, i think its total BS by the school, which is pretty bad in my opninion. If it means anything to anyone that isn't even the worse thing that has heppened by the dictatorship administration at Feehan. I bet no one has heard of Mr. Jeremy Antunes. Am I right? That's because of a massive cover-up by the school. Long story short, he was fired just a few months before Mr.McCoy for being gay. I'm pretty sure that's not in the contract.. so much for equal emplyment oppertunities. Its a damn shame that the news didn't catch that one because it really could have shed some light on the prison known as Bishop Feehan.

At 10:39 AM, Blogger Kristin said...

Wow, Bryan, I actually agre with you on this one; for the most part. Fornication is definately a serious sin, but these people were fired because they were found out. It appears that they are being punished more for the baby, than their actions. If they were repentant, and actions were taken to minimize the scandal of youth (perhaps a temp. paid leave of absence) then they should have been able to keep their jobs. I believe if we are truely pro-life, we should exercise mercy in situations like this and give the person(s) the benefit of the doubt.

At 4:53 PM, Blogger CtotheL said...

Glad we can agree on this one, Kristin. :) Who said liberals and conservatives can't find some common ground from time to time.

At 3:21 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I got to know Robb not to long ago...I dont feel bad for him losing his job at Bishop Feehan when he broke his contract with them. And for a guy whom sleeps around with a bunch of people like his "new" girlfriend that he got pregnant(meaning someone he hardly knew)and obviously not practicing safe sex and crying poor me to the media...Give me a break!!!!


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