Friday, September 29, 2006

Anglican angst

All's not been quiet on the Catholic front, but it's been hard to keep up of late. Here's something from the Anglican Communion's continuing rows (to use the Brit word) over gays, women, and bishops from both groups.

It seems the “Windsor compliant” primates (those who support the 1990-something Windsor Report that says homosexuality is contrary to biblical teaching) met in Rwanda. Most are from the Global South and belong to a group insisting on what we might call a more conservative approach to Anglicanism. Few if any ordain women priests, and none ordain them bishops. At the meeting many said they would snub Episcopal Presiding Bishop-elect Katharine Jefferts Schori when she comes to the Anglican primates meeting; others said they would meet with her, though only in "impaired communion." They also called for the creation of another U.S. Anglican church, and the eight Episcopal dioceses who have rejected Schori met in Texas recently, planning strategy I guess.

Episcopal News Service can fill you in on the whole sordid affair. You can also get Our Sunday Visitor's (gloating?) take on the whole thing; don't know why OsV would devote so many inches to someone else's problems. A warning to liberal Catholics? Proof that women and gays are nothing but trouble? You decide.

I’d be willing to bet the whole schismatic crowd, or at least a healthy number of them, will be coming over to Rome eventually, as many did when both the U.S. Episcopal and then the Church of England began ordaining women. Lucky us.

What will happen to a possible married bishop, do you think? Of course, usually if you’re conservative enough, you can do whatever you want.


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